Mahadbt Scholarship Redeem Voucher Process Maharashtra

Mahadbt Scholarship First Installment Details
Mahadbt Scholarship First Installment Details

Mahadbt Scholarship Redeem Voucher Process Maharashtra-: For the ease of Indians, the Central Government of India gives the facility to the Indians by transferring money through an Online process in order to upgrade the welfare of people so that they can continue their undergraduate, postgraduate, and business studies and others. In this regard, the Maharashtra Government is also supporting its own state citizens by sending scholarship amounts and benefits, pension, disasters, and many more through the online process.

To do this process, the Maharashtra Government has launched an online platform named,, under which DBT stands for Direct Benefit Transfer. This Online portal supports you in obtaining financial help in the form of a Scholarship.  To support you, we are here to make it easy for you and give the answer to every question raised by you. Furnished details of What is Maharashtra DBT Scholarship Redeem Process, How to Check Redeem Button, Link Aadhaar with Bank account, etc.

You should know How to Do the Mahadbt Scholarship Redeem Procedure? What is the Process of Redeeming the Maharashtra Scholarship and why it is necessary to complete this process for all applicants whose scholarship has been approved by the application department?

What is Redeem Process

Important information for all the students who have filled the Maharashtra Online Scholarship Application Form 2022 under the MahaBDT Portal is that in the academic year 2022-2022, after filling the Maharashtra scholarship form, the students submitting the Mahadbt Mahait Application Form to the college, on their mobile a message (SMS) will be received which is given below.

‘All those students are instructed to log into portal for online scholarship application under the MAHADBT Portal and after logging in online mode, get their Maharashtra scholarship user id and Enter the password and log in.’

  • Once the candidate logs in into the official portal, i.e, login, they need to click on the My Applied Scheme button and after that click on the Redeem box.
  • This is one of the necessary processes to redeem your scholarship amount into your bank account.  If the student does not do this process, they will not get the scholarship amount.
  • All the students are suggested to click on the Redeem button quickly once their scholarship application is approved as the scholarship amount will be deposited in the student’s bank account only after clicking on the Redeem button.
How to Check Redeem Button
  • There are a number of students, who did not get the scholarship amount into their bank accounts. They are unable to know why they did not get the MahaDBT Scholarship amount. It is very important to know what is the process to redeem the MahaDBT scholarship amount.
  • All the students who have filled the Online Scholarship application form 2022 through the MahaDBTmahait scholarship portal must do the below process in order to obtain the scholarship amount.
Mahadbt Scholarship
  • In the process, students once they fill the online scholarship application form, they have to submit the Mahadbt scholarship application form to their college after approval from the institution or department.
  • If the student selected for Mahadbt Mahait scholarship, he/she will receive a message or SMS in the mobile given by them. The message which flashes on the student’s mobile is as below.
dbt portal - under scrutiny for second installment
dbt portal – under scrutiny for second installment
Maharashtra Mahadbt Scholarship Portal Login
  1. Login to Maharashtra Scholarship Portal.
  2. Enter the user ID and password.
  3. Click on the “My Applied Scheme” option.
  4. Click on the “Approved Application” Button next.
  5. Open the “Check Redeem Status” option in the Benefit details.
  6. Now click on the “Redeem” button.
mahadbt redeem error - ebc scholarship 2021,
mahadbt redeem error – ebc scholarship 2022,
  • Applicants who do not apply for any scholarship scheme 2022 through the direct benefit transfer DBT Portal ie Aaple Sarkar Portal, please do not forget to complete the process in the above manner.
  • Ever since the linking of Aadhaar card with a bank account has been started, every applicant has now been compulsory to link bank to Aadhar.
  • Even if no judgment of the Honorable supreme court asking for Aadhar number will be considered as a legal offense, but to redeem the Maharashtra scholarship it is necessary because the judgment is not such that the Aadhaar No is not necessary to take advantage of the scheme.
  • Even before this we have given every necessary advice to the applicants and read all the necessary instructions carefully, not once but repeatedly, and must check it once before filling their Maharashtra scholarship form.
  • According to all the requirements, the scholarship application form is filled on the Mahadbt portal, then there will be no problem in submitting it.
Link Aadhaar  with Bank Account 
  • Now, it is compulsory for the students to seed your Bank Account with Aadhaar card. As Aadhaar seeding, your schemes ensures that no one else can claim a share of the benefits by imitating the candidate.
  • The move to start Aaple Sarkar DBT Portal is being initiated to safeguard the interests of students and to prohibit discrimination and harassment.
MahaDBT Scholarship FAQs

Q-For which scheme am I eligible? How to check eligibility for the scholarship?
A-The facility to check online is provided on the MahaBDT Portal. The applicant can get the information related to his category through “check eligibility”. The basic objective of this option is to get information about all relevant schemes.
With the help of this option, the applicant can get detailed eligibility conditions for the scheme, documents, and scholarship.
Q- How do I know whether my account has received scholarship benefits?
A- We have already said that you keep your mobile number updated in your bank. When the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) will be directed to the applicant’s bank account or do any other transaction, the bank will send you an SMS alert.
Alternatively, applicants can check their account balance using ATM, MicroATM, Internet banking or bank for their transaction details.
Q-Is it necessary to activate the Redeem button for student participation?
A- Yes, till the applicant Mahadbt scholarship form will not log in and click on the redeem button, there cannot be a benefit amount scholarship transfer in their bank accounts. Therefore, follow the above procedure.
Q- How many times will the Redeem button be activated for the scholarship?
A- As the applicant must have noticed, at the time of login Mahadbt scholarship form login, the first installment redeems button and the second installment redeem button such do option will be found. It is known from this that every applicant has to click on Redeem 2 times.

  • If an applicant does not do this, then the scholarship amount cannot be transferred to their bank accounts. But their fees will be transferred to the institutions.
  • Maharashtra Scholarship will be available soon for the first installment. As soon as the first installment redeem happens immediately after now, the second opportunity has been given to redeem the second installment voucher from 07 March 2022, so all applicants should take the above procedure in advance. Mahadbt last date, scholarship form is available on the DBT portal.
Mahadbt Scholarship Maharashtra FAQ

Q- I don’t see the redeem button in my scholarship login. What to do?
A- Keep in mind if ever an applicant does not see the option of Redeem, first check in your login what is your Maharashtra scholarship application status. This option will be visible only when your application is approved by the department.

It is mentioned in the above video that the scholarship voucher redeem button is not visible in login. Keep in mind that the option of check redeem status will not appear in the approved applications, till then your form is in pending process, think the same and immediately contact your institute.
Q- What to do if I am late in activating the Redeem button?
A- There is a time limit, if the applicant does not redeem the Maharashtra scholarship within the time, then he will be denied benefits.
Q- Can I change the form after Redeem?
A- No, your Mahadbt scholarship application correction will be disabled before this process. Applicants can make corrections in their scholarship form before being confirmed by the institute.
Q- How to check whether my Aadhaar number is linked to my bank account?
A- It is very easy, the applicant dial directly from the Aadhar website or from his mobile * 99 * 99 # and click on the Calling button. With this, you will come to know about Aadhaar Bank linking status.

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  1. I redeemed my scholarship first installment 4 months ago but still didnt got the amount transactioned to my account, what may be the reason n where is the fault in college or the govt?? pls reply

  2. Choudappa baramani

    I redeemed my scholarship first installment 4 months ago but still didnt got the amount transactioned to my account, what may be the reason n where is the fault in college or the govt?? pls reply

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    I was getting late for redeem .now it is showing the processing. Can I get my scholarship amount?

  4. My current scholarship status is showing *Awaiting approval* in reedem box from last 3-4 months.
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  5. Anand Ramesh Toradmal

    Now I’m in 4th year
    M y third year scholarship are not approval still showing your approval waiting .

  6. i didn’t get the benefit of scholarship from 7 month all my friend getting benefit from 2nd installment and my application still now showing awaiting approval last 7 month never i get reedem button what should I do when is my scholarship came at my account

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